A weekend seminar to find out what’s working and what’s not working in the way you’re living your life – and to discover the tools and the motivation to do something about it.

Without giving yourself the chance to stop and look, the days, weeks and months slip into years and your experience of life is that it is happening to you.  Not only that, but certain patterns keep repeating themselves regardless of how much you try to short circuit them.

This weekend cuts through all this so you can see a way out of the mould that has become your life.  There’s nothing wrong with having this mould, this fixed set of values and beliefs, it’s just that they can result in you going through life as if you have a parachute behind you holding you back.  This is where you have an opportunity to cut the strings!

Unfortunately, many people don’t take the opportunity to stop and look; they’re “too busy” or maybe they’re “too scared of what they will see” or they don’t trust that it will work.  What’s true is that the people who do stop and look, without exception, are empowered to engage in life in a way that they couldn’t have dreamt possible.

You may say that you’re “not ready”.  That’s when it’s time to leap!

We are now running live conference room events  – the next one is scheduled for 23rd – 25th September 2022. See our Schedule page for more events and information.

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I changed my career, found happiness within me, had adventures and learned to develop my creative self. I discovered all of this through the weekend. A key concept I learned was that I had to stay true to the person I am.

JennieArt Historian

This was by far the most profound and transformative weekend of my life. To describe the benefits and impact of the weekend it has had, on all aspects of my life, would fill a whole book! In essence, I discovered and created for myself life peace, clarity, love and a wonderful and renewed connection to my family.

DeuanCharity Manager

"I did the Weekend as a 40th Birthday present to myself and discovered the inner resources I have to deal with the ups and downs that life brings."

MaggieRetired Social Worker

Doing the Weekend re-connected me with the excitement and optimism I had about life when I was a child. It showed me that I can make a difference.

JillCompany Secretary

I went to the Weekend on the recommendation of an acquaintance I trusted. I learned a lot and my life opened up in a way I was unaware and asleep to. I am now in charge of my life and know that anytime and especially when things are tough I can take charge of how I feel, and how I am, with everyone around me.

SusieBusiness Manager

For me the biggest thing I got from the Weekend is to see that I am in charge of my emotions and how I respond to events in my life as well as people. I now have an experience of being at peace with myself and people around me. And the great thing too is that now, when at times I lose my way a little and am not in charge, I can see it and do something about it!

NathalieParticipation and Engagement Officer

Peppered with debts, anxiety (manifesting in panic attacks) and generally not being that happy, I thought my life was pretty normal, it was kind of okay. I was then introduced to and went on the Weekend Seminar which without question was the best gift I could have possibly given myself. With the information and tools given, my life has very simply been transformed and become richer, and all massively for the better. It's as though I now see life through High-Definition (HD). Life without HD is still life, and the same things take place, however with HD it's just so much clearer and profound.

JeremyCharity Volunteer

Doing the Weekend changed my life forever, because it changed my perspective. It was like the goggles were lifted from my eyes and I could see clearly for the first time. Before I did the weekend, I lived my life as if I was a victim to everything that happened 'to me'. I felt that I had no control over events and how people treated me and how I felt. During the weekend I learned to take charge of myself and my life; and the confidence I gained as a result was truly astronomical. I felt rejuvenated, healthy and the person I'm meant to be. I can't recommend it highly enough - everyone should do it!

LizzyProperty Entrepeneur

After being at the Weekend I now wake up to neutral thoughts and on many an occasion even jump out of bed. Gone is the struggle to get out of bed only to slide straight back under the covers, over and over again. I now live longer every day.


The weekend gave me the courage to take a leap and live/create a life in another country. I gained understanding and acceptance of myself along with a sense of humour and became a person I really like. I learnt the value of doing what I say I will do and to be a responsible diabetic. And I have deepened connections with my family, friends, nature and the world around me - to live life to the full with sparkle and joy!

LizBusiness Manager

Doing the weekend gave me permission to tell the truth about what I wanted and didn't want in my life. This enabled me to change things to create a wonderful life with meaning, purpose, joy and gratitude.

TheresaBusiness Support Manager

The Weekend opened my eyes to the possibilities within my grasp and that I could be the source of a fabulous life. That was almost 25 years ago, during which time the information I learned then continues to support me through the ups and downs of a wonderful life. In dark times, it has given me a structure to work within and by working on myself I have become kinder, more patient and disciplined so that I can flourish during the good times.

LucyCompany Director

I’d reached a point in my life where I wanted to understand more about why I made certain decisions and mistakes. I went along to the Weekend on the recommendation of a trusted friend and my world opened up. The work I did over the next two and a half days enabled me to make sense of how I worked and to take control of my future.

SimonSocial Work Manager

When I did the Weekend I realised that I wasn’t the only person who felt the way I did and at some level we are all the same. Because of this I stopped trying to be someone else and instead learned to be authentic.

JonathanChartered Surveyor

I came to do the weekend having just graduated with my Masters. I found life overwhelming and most people hard work! This wasn't helped by the sleep problems I had experienced since the age of 7. I could write a book about all the things I learned that weekend if I could find the words to describe it. There was an exercise I did there that I found particularly helpful because it has supported me to improve my nighttime troubles. I am now in control of my sleeping pattern, able to see the good in myself and others, and I feel great.

MeganDevelopment Officer

This seminar is brilliant! It gave me powerful insights into the limitations I had placed on myself. I also found the weekend to be great fun!

I am now calmer, happier and excited about working to achieve my goals. Highly recommended!

EdSupport Worker

Despite my original scepticism, I love the Weekend and look back on it with fondness. Not to mention, I met my wife there.


The Weekend opened the door to a world I'd never thought was possible. Where I could be bigger, bolder, the best version of myself and living my dreams. It reconnected me to the person I always imagined I would be when I was a boy.


The weekend had a big impact on me. I changed and took charge. And learnt how to take responsibility and to create a life that I wanted.

JessicaPR Consultant