Further Events

The following seminars are available to previous participants at The Weekend.  They go into more detail on certain topics covered at The Weekend.

For Love nor Money

A one day event to explore “… for Love nor Money”

We’ve all heard this phrase from time to time which denotes scarcity as in:

“You can’t get a hotel room in Cornwall this summer for love nor money”

Love and Money are two of the most powerful forces in our culture and two of the most misunderstood.  This one day event will explore them in some detail, developing information from the Waking Up Weekend seminar.


The GIT starts where the first weekend ends.

It allows you to look at your limiting beliefs with more clarity and learn what is getting in your way of achieving the results you want in your life.

It’s about your growth (personal and practical). It’s intensive  and you are trained to discern and uncover your purpose in life. And like life, you can only do the GIT once!

It is spontaneous, intensive and most of all fun!

The Completion Series

At the Weekend we talk about the consequences of having the point of view that life is happening to us – like a victim to life.  In the Completion Series you have the time to examine this in a systematic, structured way and to see clearly how this affects you personally. By its completion you have a journal which sets out not only the goals you have in life but also how you can get there.

The Completion Series is powerful and personal it takes place over a number of weeks to allow you to truly reflect on your life.  The subject is you, your life and what you want to do with it!

Getting Lighter – a one day seminar

So much of our lives are about relationships (all kinds: family, romantic, social, work) – how we interact with people and indeed, how we interact with ourselves. We accumulate so much “stuff” with respect to the relationships we have and so this one day seminar, which is highly interactive, varied and fun explores this fascinating area of our lives.

See you there…

The Video Experience – a one day seminar

The Video Experience is about problems and our point of view about them.

It’s about how we see ourselves and how others see us.

It’s both serious and funny at the same time! How can that be?

Come along and find out!


Posts takes place about 2 weeks after the Weekend (usually on a Thursday night). 

It’s a great opportunity to get together with your fellow participants and see what results you’ve created since the Weekend and share what you have learned (or unlearned!).

If you’ve been to any of the Weekends, you are welcome to come to a Post and re-connect.

Contact us to find out more

Reviewing and Assisting

The purpose of this organisation is to wake people up to their full potential and support them in their growth.

This is an open organisation; it’s not something that you join. There are no paid employees.  It is run by previous participants who involve themselves (or not) to varying degrees.   There are previous participants who opt to assist for a certain period of time.  They take on the responsibility for creating, organising and assisting with the practicalities at the Weekend (e.g. organising registration, making sure the chairs are set out neatly, liaising with the hotel etc).

Assisting is a wonderful way to stay on track, using the information, to steer your life in the direction of your dreams. Once you’ve attended a Weekend you may assist in creating the next one – if you want to.

There are usually about 6 or 7 weeks between each Weekend and assisting gives you the opportunity to put into practice what you learned or unlearned (!) while you were there. You are supported to do this on a daily basis and continue to learn.

Some previous participants come to the Weekend to review – that is they don’t have any of the above responsibilities, they attend and participate just like someone who is there for the first time.

Reviewing allows you to come and hear the information again without your initial apprehension, suspicions, fears or cynicism. You will hear more and in doing so will learn more about yourself. It’s cheaper too!

 All our events are available for previous participants to explore different aspects of topics covered in the Weekend.

Some previous participants offer accommodation for the weekend because many participants don’t live nearby or travel from abroad and it helps to keep their costs down.  (Hotel accommodation is not included in the course fee).

And some previous participants support the work by designing and updating this website!