Any Questions?

What time does it start?

The weekend begins at 6pm for Registration, the actual event starts at 6.30pm on the Friday evening.

Where can I stay? Is the hotel included?

Staying at the hotel is not included in the course fee and they do offer a discount for participants.  The Campanile Bradford hotel is reasonably priced and to keep costs down many previous participants who live locally are willing to put up current participants – just ask when you register.


Are we sitting down for a long time?

Each session runs for about 2 hours and we are sitting down for most of this time.

If I go and I don’t like it can I get my money back?

Yes, if you don’t feel you got value, you can get all your money back as long as you complete the weekend and attend the post event too.

Where does the money go?

We are a “Not for Profit” organisation.  The fees we charge are to cover our costs (e.g. hiring the hotel conference room).  Any financial surplus is donated to the charity “Doctors without Borders”. Click their logo for more info about them.

“What you might want to know before you register.”

David (UK Facilitator)

What’s the purpose of the weekend?   (1.40)

What actually happens there?   (5.08)

What about self help and growth books?   (4.44)

Do I have to participate?   (1.19)

Is it very emotional?   (1.11)

Isn’t it selfish of me?   (1.02)

Why isn’t it advertised?   (3.57)

Comments from previous participants.

“Doing the Weekend opened up many great things for me. My work became an exciting adventure and my own family life took on new dimensions of love and togetherness. I saw how I could actually do the projects I’d thought about doing “one day maybe”. I began to appreciate others for the gifts they bring and how I could make my own contribution to our world we make together.”
Jonathon, Architect

“A specific benefit I got from doing the Weekend was I got to forgive my dad. Up until then I’d carried so much resentment and blame towards him and I was able to not only let that go, I got to tell him I loved him and thanked him for my childhood before he died. He cried and we hugged. Big gift. Huge. ”
Sundy, Relationship Coach

“It did the Weekend for the first time in 2001, I was a curious, if a little reluctant, participant.To say I got more than I bargained for is more than an understatement. I ‘woke up’ from the day dream/nightmare of my life and for the first time got in touch with the sense of peace that comes from being truly awake. While this was the start of a spiritual journey for me it also brought a wealth of practical day to day benefits like understanding I am in control of how I feel from moment to moment and because I prefer to feel good I choose to feel good far more often. I also have more open and loving relationships with my close family and was able to pass the things I learned on to my children, who, as they grew, also did the weekend course and with whom I enjoy such wonderful relationships as young adults. I feel blessed to have had the benefit of the information I learn over the course of the weekend.”
Jonathon, Chartered Surveyor

I went to the Weekend without any prior knowledge of what it might be about. So glad I did. It opened my mind to the issues that hold me back and now I have a much improved attitude to life.

GrahamMarketing Director

The Weekends have introduced me to a large and welcoming network where I have become close to many people who have had similar life/learning experiences and are willing to share them in a supportive and loving way.

GillianArtist/Retired Doctor

Doing the Weekend was the best thing I ever did. It started me on a road of self discovery that other things I had tried had not done. I have discovered a sense of being grounded and from that has flowed deeper emotion, more ability to love, better health and most importantly, happiness.


The Weekend saved my life - and that was 35 years ago. It gave me a whole new way of looking at things, and seeing where I was drawing the wrong conclusions and thus not seeing things clearly. I wouldn't give the information back for all the tea in China.


The weekend had a big impact on me. I changed and took charge. And learnt how to take responsibility and to create a life that I wanted.

JessicaPR Consultant

I discovered the courage to quit my old job, pack my bags, travel the world and eventually end up doing what I love doing now.

AdamYoga Teacher